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Reclusive spiders aren't so reclusive around me

It appears that I was correct in assuming that the wound on my leg I that I was complaining about in my last post was in fact a spider bite.  I took the advice of my mum and my friend Nick, and decided to bite the bullet and just go visit the doctor on Monday morning.  I am pretty glad I went!
When I told the doctor I thought I’d been bitten by a spider, he looked sceptical at me, but as I explained further my symptoms (painful sore on leg that didn’t hurt when I was bitten, but that I noticed in the morning, so must have been bitten at night; the wound got worse as the days went by; it started to ooze pus; the red lines that showed up along my veins; the headaches, fever, joint pains, nausea, dizziness, fatigue [I slept for 13 hours straight on Saturday night, and usually I am proud if I sleep 6 hours being that I’m an insomniac!]; the swelling and redness of the area) he began to become convinced that my initial thoughts were correct.  I then showed it to him, upon which he looked…

Vegan organises egg and cheese events...

After going near-crazy with lack of sleep, I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, who has prescribed me with super strong hypnotic sleeping tablets.  They seem to be doing the trick, but I'm just a bit worried what will happen when they run out, as I've not been able to sleep without them.  If anyone has any good cures for insomnia, do let me know!

My second stye that I mentioned in my previous post did not go away by itself, unfortunately - this required another trip to the doctors.  I was expecting him to make a small incision into my eyelid to squeeze out the pus, as he had suggested he would do, but instead he grabbed my face in his palms and squeezed my eyelid so hard that it gave me a black eye!  It did, however, manage to get some of the pus out, but OH MY GOD it hurt!!

Whilst we're on the subject of illnesses, I appear to have been bitten by a spider on my thigh, which turned from a small ulcer to a red, inflamed and extremely painful swelling, with red marks tracin…

Styes, sleepless nights and swear words

These last few weeks have mostly been centred around two things:  the plague in my eyes (aka styes of doom) and insomnia.  I apologise if most of this entry is babble, but I’m working on a sleep debt of 500 hours now (or so it feels like) so even breathing is an arduous task.  Ever since we got a load of new housemates, I’ve found it really hard to sleep: our walls are so thin that I get woken up whenever anyone unlocks a door, opens the door, closes the door, goes to the bathroom, etc. etc., so because the five people I live with all go to bed at different times, I basically have to wait until the last person goes to bed (around midnight) only to get woken up when the first person gets up (around 6 am).  What makes things worse is that usually I’m so frustrated by midnight that I haven’t been able to sleep, that I find it really hard to get to sleep, so am not usually asleep until around 2 am.  And then of course people get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet a few time…