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5 ways WWF is creating coexistence between snow leopards and people

Did you know that 23rd October is International Snow Leopard Day? And what better way to celebrate than to showcase the ways that WWF is helping people live in harmony with this grey ghost of the mountains.

Snow leopard cub © / Andy Rouse / WWF

Snow leopards are illusive: even some researchers that have been studying this species for years have never seen one up close. But that doesn’t mean that these cats don’t share the same space as people. In fact, in many places, snow leopards are silent neighbours to communities living in remote mountainous regions of Asia.

Whilst snow leopards do tend to avoid direct contact with people, they will sometimes take their livestock. However, people’s lives in the Himalayas are centred around their livestock – they use them for meat, milk and rugs. They also use their dung as fuel their fire for cooking and warmth. So having a predator take away their dinner and central heating system can anger the locals. In response, some people even ki…